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Thanks to you guys I’m now infamous enough to be personally attacked on Fox Nation over this post. Reportedly by Steve Milloy no less. And thanks to News Corpse we learn that Milloy et al employ the same level of careful, precise analysis as when tricking the public about climate change for the corporate clients:

He repeatedly refers to Steven Andrew as Steven Alexander. Secondly, Andrew was writing this column for The Examiner .. so it can hardly be attributed to Daily Kos, as both Fox Nation and Milloy did. Thirdly, Milloy falsely claimed that the posting was removed. In fact, it was just edited to satisfy Milloy’s tender sensitivities. Fourthly, Andrew never advocated either euthanasia or suicide for Milloy or anyone else. He merely invoked a humorous reference to the iconic film Soylent Green.

If Milloy and friends really want to crack down on violent rhetoric, they might check a network and a political movement a little closer to home. Where "jokes" and not-so-funny references to strangling or choking people to death, inciting deadly shooting sprees, or national politicians celebrating blowing up occupied buildings are regular events. The list of documented violent rhetoric and calls for violence going out to millions of viewers, readers, and thousands upon thousands of paranoid gun-toting maniacs coming from Milloy’s side of the aisle, indeed often from his own news network, go on and on and on right through to this very day:

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton received hundreds of threats at her court offices within hours of her ruling last week on Arizona’s tough and controversial immigration law. "She has been inundated," said U.S. Marshal David Gonzales, indicating his agents are taking some seriously.

But Milloy and company conveniently ignore all that, naturally, and instead somehow finds — or perhaps feigns — great offense at an offhand reference to a science fiction movie and a hypothetical future corporation that turns volunteers into food. On a website that gets a few thousand hits on a good day. That’s telling. Methinks he doth protest too much.

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