Open Thread and Diary Rescue

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This evening’s Rescue Rangers are mem from somerville, grog, rexymeteorite, claude, shayera, and vcmvo2, with watercarrier4diogenes at the wheel of the Editmobile, careening through the streets trying to keep up with Lisbeth Salander

Tonight’s diaries travel from analysis of our tragically not-wonderful ‘traditional media’ (™Kos) to the dreams and needs of our entire planet’s most important resource, its children, with a couple of stops along the way that are important in their own right.

jotter once again astounds us with his statistical (NO, NOT ‘sadistical!, no matter how hard it is for you to understand it 8^) ) High Impact Diaries: July 30, 2010 and carolita follows with a mesmerizing Top Comments 7-31-10 – Dr. Angel Edition.

Enjoy and please promote your own favorite diaries in this open thread (even if you’re the author! Here’s where that’s actually appreciated). And, of course, since it’s an open thread, PLAY NICE, OK? 8^)

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