The most important Rasmussen poll of the year

Posted by admin | Posted in Politics | Posted on 31-12-2010-05-2008


Is there a conservative bias in this one?

Surveys conducted by Rasmussen Reports found the following plans to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011.

69% will be home at midnight
66% will say a prayer
60% will be awake at midnight
47% will kiss someone at midnight
42% will have a drink
39% are Very Likely to watch the ball drop on television at midnight
28% will be sleeping when 2011 arrives
21% will attend a New Year’s Eve party
18% will go out to dinner with family or friends
7% will be at a friend’s house
5% will be at a restaurant or bar

It’s kind of surprising they’re not saying 90% of America will spend new year’s eve protesting the excessive top marginal tax rate. And two-thirds of Americans pray in the New Year? Really?

Let’s compare our sample of Kossacks to their sample of whoever Rasmussen samples. Take the poll.

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