So you are sick of the tyranny and want to move to Canada. A guide.

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My poor sad wingnut friends. I hear you. I understand. When you elected George W. Bush to a second term in office, I had serious discussions with my fiance, now my husband, that the time may have come to leave these shores. We entertained both the Netherlands and Canada. Now I can understand that the Netherlands would be completely out of the question for you. Fox News has made sure you hate the Netherlands nearly as much as abortion. And they speak Dutch. It’s hard. It’s only natural that you would gravitate towards Canada. It is still located in North America so it has the word America in there for you. It isn’t primarily brown (ewwww). You know it’s big and Americans like big. And they speak English, even if they do pronounce certain words like about kind of funny and say eh a lot. Some of them actually speak French which may sound like a bad thing at first glance, but it will give you new people to loathe. Yay.

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