More good news for the GOP: Americans increasingly say they feel the pain from sequester

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Data: ABC News/Washington Post poll

Sequester pain is spreading, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll:

An ABC News/Washington Post poll in May found that 37 percent of Americans say they’ve been negatively affected, up from 25 percent in March. And 18 percent say they’ve felt a “major impact.”

Not surprisingly, those most affected by the cuts are sharply opposed to sequestration. About 80 percent of those who say they’ve felt a “major impact” oppose the budget cuts.  (The public as a whole opposes the cuts by a 56 percent to 35 percent margin.)

Of course, Congress isn’t paying any attention to the fact that a clear and growing majority of Americans think the sequester is bad policy and should be eliminated. In fact, along with Benghazirama, Republicans are claiming it as their biggest accomplishment. Maybe that’s why the GOP has “achieved” a record low approval rating in national polling?

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