Obama gives Larry Summers ‘full-throated’ defense as dissenters push Janet Yellen for Fed chief

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Larry Summers, at Canada 2020 in November 2012

There are certainly much worse choices than Larry Summers to replace Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve’s board of governors. Alan Greenspan comes to mind. Or Jamie Dimon. But given the universe of people to select from, it’s sad Summers is even on the short list of possibilities, not to mention the top of that list.

But thanks to leaks 10 days ago that some say were orchestrated in support of the former secretary of the Treasury and former director of the National Economic Council, it became apparent that Summers was the favorite candidate of President Obama for the position. That sparked an anti-Summers storm not just from grassroots liberals who find his deregulatory fervor, policy and tactical misjudgments and sexism deeply troubling, but also from many Democratic senators who would be called upon to confirm him if he actually got the nomination.

They got practical about it. Nineteen Senate Democrats and one independent signed a letter circulated by Sen. Sherrod Brown that urges the president to choose Federal Reserve vice chair Janet Yellen to replace Bernanke. Among the signers of the letter are Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Dick Durbin of Illinois, the Senate’s second-ranking Democrat.

Although President Obama won’t pick a replacement until this fall, at a meeting with some House Democrats on Wednesday he gave a “full-throated” defense of Summers and said he had been unfairly criticized.

That defense is no guarantee Obama will appoint Summers. But it’s no surprise to hear from Ben White and Patrick Reis that Summers is still the No. 1 choice at the White House in a piece in which they lay out the case against Summers along with retorts from some of his defenders.

While giving a too little attention to the sexism that Ezra Klein perfectly laid out Wednesday, the two reporters acerbically and accurately pointed out that Summers’s foes’ “real complaint is that he is a centrist, Clinton-era retread ill-suited to steer an anemic economy back to health.”

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Please sign our petition requesting that President Obama not appoint Larry Summers as Federal Reserve chair, and consider instead appointing a better-qualified person, such as Deputy Chair Janet Yellen.


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