Saturday nutpick-a-palooza: ‘false flag’ in Santa Barbara!

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Today’s source material is even crazier than usual:

Screen cap from conspiracy site: Santa Barbara Shooter Psy Op the First “Men’s Rights” False Flag

In a tizzy of media fury, the latest supposed mass gunman/internet weirdo serial killer has emerged with a new angle: “Men’s rights” and “misogyny.”  However, the latest installment also follows the classic pattern of the recent psy ops of Cho at Virginia Tech, Anders Breivik, Jared Loughner, James Holmes and Adam Lanza.  It is in this pattern that we see the evident fraud manifest and this pattern, I will argue, is the key to identifying when these events, from Manson to Columbine, from Cho to Rodgers, are real or staged.

It was all faked. Just like Sandy Hook. Because, you know, the Obama goons in black helicopters want to take away their external metallic penis sticks, locked and loaded with armor-piercing freedom kisses. Got it? The natives applaud in rapt approval, below the fold.

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