‘Pass a Bill, Solve a Problem,’ Obama Tells Congress

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President Barack Obama urges the House to take up immigration reform legislation and explains his motives on using executive action.

Beltway media desperately clings to its Hillary meme

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Screencap of Hillary Clinton interview on ABC

Pounce all you want. Hyperventilating about Hillary Clinton’s net worth has
as much traction as “you didn’t build that” nonsense.

Politico, being Politico:

Hillary Clinton is having a very hard time being rich.

After two weeks of verbal gaffes and unflattering headlines, Democratic operatives, political historians and counselors to the nation’s wealthy agree that Clinton’s current strategy — acting like she’s not incredibly rich and made her money the old-fashioned way — is not working and needs to change. Fast.

Reality, a day later, from an NBC/WSJ poll today:

Fifty-five percent of Americans say that Hillary Clinton can relate to and understand the problems of average citizens as well as other presidential candidates can, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Annenberg poll.

By comparison, 37 percent of respondents disagreed, saying she can’t relate as well as other candidates can. These numbers come after Hillary Clinton declared that she and her husband were “dead broke” after leaving the White House in 2001.

So oops. I guess those Beltway reporters can’t relate to actual people, can they, given that they’re always so wrong about what people believe.  

But the Beltway media has their narrative, and you’ll have to pry it from their cold, dead fingers. For example, here is a wanker at the Washington Post’s painful “The Fix”:

But that doesn’t mean Clinton has nothing to worry about. The “as well as” clause in the poll’s question probably waters down negative reactions to the Clinton family’s wealth and how she has talked about it in recent days. That’s because (1) we really just don’t know who those other candidates will be, and (2) when we do meet those candidates, people might not view them as very “in touch” (see: Mitt Romney, John Kerry, Al Gore, Michael Dukakis). If people were simply asked whether Clinton was relatable, full stop, the numbers might be a little lower.

Yup. “Unskewing” polls is no longer a Republican-only tactic. It’s also helpful for Beltway reporters unreasonably clinging to a dying meme.

Reality Check: What the Court’s Birth Control Ruling Means

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The Supreme Court says its Hobby Lobby decision doesn’t mean that employers can suddenly declare that they have religious objections to vaccines.

U.S. asks North Korea to release two detained Americans

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Jeffrey Fowle is shown in this City of Moraine handout photoThe U.S. State Department, citing "humanitarian concerns," asked North Korea on Monday to release two Americans who North Korean official media said would be put on trial for committing crimes against the state. North Korea's official KCNA news agency, referring to the imprisoned men, Jeffrey Fowle and Matthew Miller, said "their hostile acts were confirmed by evidence and their own testimonies." Asked about the report, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters, "Out of humanitarian concern for Mr. Fowle and Mr. Miller and their families, we request North Korea release them so they may return home." She also called on North Korea to pardon and release Kenneth Bae, a Christian missionary who was arrested in November 2012, convicted and sentenced by North Korea's supreme court to 15 years hard labor last year.

Democrats need women to vote, Hobby Lobby will deliver

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Elyse Holmes, 2, peaks out as her mother Helen Holmes votes at Madbury Town Hall in Madbury, New Hampshire November 4, 2008.       REUTERS/Adam Hunger

The last thing Republicans need are more women voters, yet Hobby Lobby will accomplish just that.

The polling among women already looks brutal for the GOP.

At this point in 2010, Democrats had a narrow congressional-preference lead with women (44%-43%), and the GOP had a significant advantage with white women (51%-36%). Now? Democrats hold a double-digit with all women (50%-38%), and white women are pretty much a jump ball (GOP 45%, Dems 44%).

After 2012, the GOP’s short-term “rebranding” effort included women, but that was then, this is now. And nothing says, “Oh well, the hell with the ladies” more than vociferously cheering the Hobby Lobby decision. I mean, I can’t imagine a better GOTV weapon than this:

It was a tough choice today.  Celebrate Hobby Lobby by going to Chick-Fil-A or making my wife make me a sandwich. #CFAFTW

Or this:

“Against women?” No, more like “against freeloading bitches.” #LiberalLogic

This is a long-term battle, and Hobby Lobby doesn’t exactly get them any closer to victory. In fact, quite the opposite—it will help goose turnout of Democratic-leaning women (single and African American women and Latinas), a demographic that trails off in off-year elections.

And it gives added impetus to the 2016 elections. Anyone arguing that there’s no difference between the parties is a fucking moron who can simply go to hell. The reality is much different, and it will be delicious watching President Hillary Clinton swing the court back in our direction during her eight-year term.

THEN, we win the war.

Obama to Resort to Executive Action on Immigration

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President says he must resort to executive action after House GOP fails to act on reform legislation

Midday open thread: Ridiculing forced birthers on the protest line, mucking up an Iran nuclear deal

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  • Today’s comic by Tom Tomorrow is The Droney memo:
    Comic teaser
  • This is what you missed on Sunday Kos …

    Third-party candidates are polling unusually well this year, by dreaminonempty

    Sugar, slavery and subtlety, by Denise Oliver Velez

    Romney leaving millions to his kids actually helps workers, says economics prof (and Romney advisor), by Ian Reifowitz

    What every American should know about veterans and their health care, by Mark E Andersen

    This ordained minister is that Democratic bridge to the quasi mythical Texas value voter, by Egberto Willies

    How about sidewalk-counseling the conservative movement, by Dante Atkins

    Pew typologies go much deeper than ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative,’ by David Jarman

    Religious freedom frauds, by Jon Perr

    Daily Kos Elections Power Rankings: The States (Late June Edition), by Steve Singiser

    Time, place and manner: the SCOTUS’ women’s health clinics protesters decision, by Armando

  • Two hawks have a plan that would wreck any nuclear agreement with Iran:

    A major tenet of their strategy is to maintain restrictions on Iran’s oil exports and limit what the government can do with its oil revenues.

    As it stands, Iranian oil revenues are accumulating in escrow accounts thanks to a 2012 law passed by Congress called the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act. Iran can only spend these escrow funds on certain goods in countries which buy its oil. In their paper, Mark Dubowitz and Richard Goldberg say “none of these escrowed oil funds” should be repatriated back to Iran until the country ceases being a “state sponsor of terror.”

  • Atrios suggests ridiculing to deal with anti-abortion protesters:

    Anyway, what I’m getting at is… maybe counter-protesting should bring on the funny. “This guy has a tiny penis –>” t-shirts. Gay men’s a capella choirs serenading them. That sort of thing.

    The point is that comedy is a good tool, and what a typical anti-abortion protester nut hates most is the idea that his authoritah is being undermined. Point and laugh and they might just scamper away.

    Obviously the problem is turning these spaces into bigger circuses than they already are. I don’t want to do that. There are women trying to get needed medical care who don’t need any of this shit, from the left or the right.

    Still…they hate to be laughed at.

  • But will mockery really make a difference to fanatical crusaders?

    Atrios has an interesting post about tactics to deal with the crazies who picket abortion clinics, suggesting that humor and ridicule might be a good tool to employ against them. He might be right that, to use his example, a gay a capella choir serenading picketing nuts would cut short a protest or two. But I also think that these nuts are very tough to crack, for a few reasons.

    First, they are already pariahs and self-imagined martyrs. I don’t watch a lot of Fox News, but I don’t remember the last time I’ve heard about them doing a puff piece lauding the bravery and commitment of the assholes who picket Planned Parenthood, because at a human level it’s quite an ugly business to bully a helpless young woman who’s following through on the toughest decision of her life.

  • Nation editor suggests neocon Bill Kristol join Iraqi army. On ABC News “This Week” Sunday, Katrina Vanden Heuvel stuck it to Kristol over Iraq:

    “I have to say, sitting next to Bill Kristol, man — I mean, the architects of catastrophe that have cost this country trillions of dollars, thousands of lives. There should be accountability,” she said on ABC’s “This Week.”

    “Because this country should not go back to war,” Heuvel continued. “We don’t need armchair warriors, and if you feel so strongly, you should, with all due respect, enlist in the Iraqi Army.”

  • Report: Clean energy investment could create a $12 billion market:

    Off-grid renewable energy is one of the cheapest, most effective ways to get electricity to the 1.3 billion people around the world who lack it, the Sierra Club argues in a new report.

    The report looked at how energy access can be delivered more cost-effectively to the people around the world that need it. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that the world must invest $640 billion over 20 years to ensure global energy access, which is 300 to 500 percent higher than current energy access investments. But the Sierra Club argues that many essential energy services can be delivered more cheaply than the IEA estimates. According to the report, a $500 million investment in energy access will be needed over the next two to three years, and that investment will spur a clean energy services market for the poor valued at $12 billion annually.

  • B.C. carbon tax cuts pollution and boosts economy. The tax reduced pollution by 20 percent by cutting consumption:

    The carbon tax’s environmental accomplishments are certainly noteworthy, but many people are even more excited about how the economy has responded. While the levy is the highest of its kind in the world, the regional economy has still continued to grow on pace with, and in the last couple of years slightly faster than, the rest of the country. Researchers from Sustainable Prosperity caution that saying the tariff has led the economy to grow would be pure speculation. But just showing that a carbon tax doesn’t flat-line the economy is remarkable, considering that for years, vested interests have been claiming such a measure would cause economic collapse.

  • Curiosity has now been roving for a year, a Mars year, on the red planet.
  • On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin sets the mood with The Onion on Hobby Lobby. Blackwater blockbuster. Facebook’s crazy experiment. Crucial robot body double news. More gun show GunFAIL. Armando breaks SCOTUS news on Hobby Lobby and Harris.

GOP Remains Divided After Thad Cochran Victory

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The brutal Senate primary contest in Mississippi may be over, but the Republican infighting that marked the race rages on.

Watch Live: Obama Delivers Statement On Immigration Reform

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President Obama delivers a statement on immigration reform from the White House Rose Garden.

Republicans give up on immigration reform, Latinos

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Try not to act too surprised.

White House: Boehner won’t set immigration vote this year.

Of course he won’t. His base won’t allow it, and whatever the GOP’s incredibly shrinking base demands, they get. They’ve long-ago surrendered any hope of expanding their electorate. But rather than stick the knife in, the administration announced in response that it will continue doing the GOP’s dirty work for them:

WH offl: the President will direct [DHS] and the AG to move available & appropriate enforcement resources from our interior to the border.

So expect more Latino-alienating headlines like this one:

Univision screenshot 6-30-14: Obama pide acelerar deportación de niños

“Obama seeks to accelerate deportation of kids.”

But wait, there’s more!

WH offl: the President has directed his team to identify additional actions and send recommendations to him by the end of the summer

Ooh, why not make it a “blue ribbon” commission to underscore the patheticness of this response? So the administration was caught flat-footed by Boehner’s announcement, and had nothing ready to go? Seriously, if alienating Latinos was the goal, he’s doing a heckuva job.