If you want to win in November, give today!

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Lucy Flores poses with children.

Nevada Lt. Governor candidate Lucy Flores, just one of our great endorsed candidates. Pick one, or two, or three, and donate!

Two key mantras for this November’s elections:

1) There are more of us than there are of them. Objectively. If we turn out, we win.

2) It’s an off-year election, so we don’t turn out.

That’s the reality we’re operating under. All things being equal, with both parties’ bases turning out, we’d come out in November with minimal damage. The Senate map and congressional gerrymandering make things tough on us at the federal level, but there’d be no worries about holding the Senate. And with full base turnout, we’d have no problem making major pickups at the governor and statewide level (like secretary of states).

But all things aren’t equal. So we have to engage as hard as we can to get our people to vote. That requires either on the ground volunteering, or contributing money to those doing the hard work of winning elections.

I want you all to do me a big favor. Pick one of our ActBlue pages below and chip in $3. Seriously. You’re probably thinking “$3 ain’t shit,” and it’s true, on its own it isn’t going to win much.

But this month we’ve had over seven million unique visitors to Daily Kos. Our email action list just crossed 1.7 million strong. We have another 600,000+ people following us on Facebook. Do some simple math, and you can suddenly see how $3 can have an impact. It’s why we have so much power as a community, working together for an America we all believe in.

So $3. It really can make a difference. So now think about who could use those $3. Don’t forget your local candidates. But if you’re still looking for places to give, we’ve got plenty of options:

There’s someone in all those candidate lists that will get you excited, I promise you!

Three dollars. It will make a difference, collectively, so we can help get some really great people elected.

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