Sunday Talk: Killing Santa

Posted by admin | Posted in Politics | Posted on 28-02-2015-05-2008


This week, your humble diarist was in country, and bore witness as the #LlamaDrama played out (on cable TV)—LIVE!

Hoping to win a Peabody Award (or even a Polk Award), I got back in my limousine, and ordered my driver to take the highway to the danger zone.

Unfortunately, thanks to Obamanet, we were soon caught up in the brutal online debate over #TheDress.

Suffice it to say, I was lucky to make it home alive; my chauffeur was not so lucky.

Now, I didn’t watch my buddy die face down in the muck so that a guttersnipe like David Corn could smear a patriot like Bill O’Reilly—who has served honorably on the front lines of the War on Christmas.

In fact, I’d argue that Corn and his allies have been mounting the most despicable attack on a white Christian man since teh Joos (allegedly) killed Jesus.

They should consider themselves warned: You come at the falafel king, you best not miss.

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